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Institute of Social Work and Counseling (ISWC)

The Institute of Social Work and Counseling (ISWC) is an educational institution where Christian family values and professional counseling experience are combined into a system of practical knowledge and skills for successful living in family and society.

The mission of ISWC is the promotion of Christian family values in Russian society through education which is

  • Practical
  • Holistic in integration of bio-psycho-social factors
  • Value-based
  • Directed at development of personal competencies

The goals of ISWC derive from actual problems in our society:

Modern society offers individuals a branching network of multi-level education where individuals are taught everything --except the one thing most important: “How to be a spouse, a father, a mother, and become a strong family”.

Goal # 1:
Therefore ISWC sees its purpose as providing society with programs of accessible education in order to develop personal, marital, and parental competencies.

A number of trends in modern society tend to form family standards and parenting patterns that are non- traditional for Russian culture.

Goal # 2:
Therefore, ISWC sees its purpose in disseminating and affirming the psycho-social integration and value-based advantages of a traditional family. For this it is crucial to implement educational programs that teach skills for a loving marriage and enhance the development of strong family relationships.

More than half of marriages in Russia end up in divorce. This testifies that Russian families do not receive sufficient psycho-social and spiritual support to overcome the difficult stages of life.

Goal #3:
Therefore ISWC’s purpose is to implement relevant programs to develop valuable psycho-social skills among volunteers, clergy, and professionals working with the family, people who will be able to provide competent support to families in difficult circumstances. These educational programs are intended for social workers, psychologists and educators, volunteers, and clergy of different denominations.

More than 40% of divorces in Russia are due to alcohol, drug or other addictions.

Goal # 4:
Therefore ISWC sees its purpose in spreading and promoting value-based psycho-social rehabilitation techniques in working with members of addiction-suffering families.

The Christian church in Russia, professing traditional family values and preserving the spiritual and moral "DNA" of a well-balanced, socially healthy, and psychologically mature Russian family in its outlook, cannot always get its message across to families, not in the context of an effective bio-psycho-social model.

Goal # 5:
Therefore ISWC sees its purpose in integrating traditional family values and a healthy psycho-social experience within existing educational programs in order to support the modern Russian family.